New Orleans, LA (2011 & 2012)   *   Lockport, LA (2011)   *  

Dover, DE (2010 & 2012)  *  NYC (2006)   *   Greenbrier, WV (2003)

Originally presented as The Black & White Blues (the Restaurant Musical)

at Le Chat Noir in New Orleans (2002-2005)


New Orleans Magazine. September 2005

Photo: Jeff Johnston

2010 Dover cast:

Front: Kane Mowrey and Linda Hyler.  Back: Paul Janiga,

Director Eddie Cohee,Composer Harry Mayronne, and John Muller.

Photo: Linda Muller

Photo: Janet Wilson

2012 New Orleans cast. Photo: Janet Wilson

2006 off-Broadway production. Photos: Carol Rosegg

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"Cocktail Conga" with Chris Wecklein, Allee Peck, and Darcy Malone Boye wiith composer/pianist Harry Mayronne


"Waiting Around" with Chris Wecklein and Harry Mayronne.

Thank you for a

great run in Lockport!